The following how-to guides may be helpful if you would like more information about contributing to Wikipedia  GB I found this very helpful

  • Part I: Editing, creating, and maintaining articles
  • Part II: Collaborating with other editors
  • Part III: Formatting and illustrating articles
  • Part IV: Building a stronger encyclopedia
  • Part V: Customizing Wikipedia
  • Part VI: Appendices   SRthe best intro to Getting Started that I found so far.

  • Policies & guidelines
  • Source editor vs Visual editor
    • Editing
    • Referencing
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Talk (very helpful!)
  • Navigating Wikipedia
  • Manual of Style   Using Wikipedia in the Classroom

  • links to WikiEducation Dashboard, Instructor Orientation Modules  **Note: if you want WikiEdu people to assist you in developing your classroom project, you must complete How to teach with Wikipedia FIRST - deadline for Fall 2020 assistance was July 26, 2020. 
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