Micro credentials is a concept that has its genesis deep in the past - think Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Military organizations - and has reemerged in the digital age with a possible application to British Columbia's (BC) post secondary landscape. Even the digital redesign of micro credentials goes back to 2010 so this concept has been around for awhile.

In this 2 week course, we will

  • explore the basics of micro credentials
  • consider our BC context based on what other countries are doing
  • share stakeholder perspectives on micro credentials
  • start to shape a plan about how to go forward with Micro Credentials in BC. 

Our intention is to provide a supportive environment for us to explore micro credentials and begin building a community of practice here in BC.  We are aware that there are many resources available in this course. Please know that you do not have to read, watch or listen to all. Pick, choose & learn.

In this course you will have an opportunity to:

  • define micro credentials in a British Columbia context 

  • name three factors of success to micro credentials 

  • describe one unique and feasible application of micro credentials to British Columbia. 


We officially meet Monday, March 1st to Friday, March 12th. Based in feedback from the first micro flo course in October, we expanded the time from one to two weeks.  This will give you greater flexibility to participate. Expect to spend at least 5 hours for course activities during these two weeks. If you don't have prior online learning experience you may need to invest more time. Active participation will make a richer experience for all participants.

The course is organized into 5 sections and it is recommended you approach each one in order. To keep us on track the plan is to cover Introduction, Context and Perspectives in Week One and directions and next steps in Week 2. There will be two web conferences - one on Thursday, March 4th at 12pm PST and ln Thursday, March 11th at 12pm.

Introduction (Week 1) 

Introductions / Intro to Micro-Credentials

Introduce yourself in the Intro discussion forum, get familiar with the terms, read the basics of micro credentials and perhaps some current articles or academic articles.

Context (Week 1)

Read Micro-Credentials Around The World and Two Case Studies

Read about what other countries are doing with micro credentials and read the two brief case studies. In the Read and Reflect forum share what resonated with you. Start thinking about how micro-credentials could be applied in BC and  start thinking about gaps:  urgent needs in industry that post secondary education can provide a quick solution in the form of a micro-credentials.

    Perspectives (Week 1)

    Now that you know a bit about micro credentials,  please participate in the stakeholder group discussion. As is the case with any initiative different stakeholders have different views and priorities. By using the SWOT model,  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be identified from each group's perspective.


    • You don't have to have all the answers. It's okay to ask questions.
    • Experiment with visual discussion prompts (photos, icons, animated GIFs, your voice etc.) to accompany your text.
    • Consider the power of story. 

    Direction (Week 2) 

    Review BC Industries and Participate in our collaborative platform.

    If you haven't had a chance to participate in the Stakeholder Group Discussion, please do that today. 

    Next Steps and Wrap Up (Week 2)

    Add your burning questions and join us for a wrap up synchro session.

    This exciting course  will be wrapped up by a one hour web conference session at 12:00 pm on Thursday, March 11th.  We will review where we have been and talk about the future of micro credentials  in BC. Please also consider contributing to the burning questions activity. Its Ok to have questions  and it is important to tackle each one as a group.

    To recap:

    • Use these learning activities to learn about micro- credentials  in order to guide production of a feasible micro-credential plan in BC
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