Activity Guide - 5 Steps / 5 Days


Like other Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourses, Open Options to Enrich your Career takes place over 5 days in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our shared goal is to explore a variety of open options for personal and professional development. When you're done, you'll have had the opportunity to:

  • Recognize the value of non-traditional types of professional development  
  • Identify a variety of open resources or options for professional development
  • Draft a plan that incorporates open options for personal/professional development.


The course officially begins on Monday, January 25 and activities end on Friday, January 29. The course will stay open until Sunday, January 31 so that we can complete unfinished conversations or activities.

We plan to open the course site earlier (by the previous Friday) so that you can familiarize yourself with the proposed approach to the week and get comfortable with navigating around the course page and links. Post any general questions or thoughts to the Open Forum.

As is explained in the MicroCourse Handbook, we suggest you plan to spend at least 5 to 7 hours for course activities during the week (depending on your distractibility, you may find that you're spending more time.)

Each day

Check the Open forum for the [optional] Quick Quest of the day. We'll post a rich resource to explore and challenge you to find one item to add to your own plan. 

Day 0 - 1:

  • Take a few minutes to review the information in the MicroCourse Handbook . (If you've taken a MicroCourse before, you'll note there's a new page to the Handbook:  About the additional resources
  • Please respond to the super-quick (only 1 question!) survey What's your primary interest in Open? on the course homepage/Hub.
  • Meet your fellow explorers! Go to the Introductions forum*, and in 3 sentences or less, just tell us a little about yourself. (We recommend you keep it brief so you'll have time to read & respond to other learners' posts.)

* Feel free to return to the Introductions forum throughout the week so you can better get to know your fellow participants. As with all MicroCourses, this is a great networking opportunity -- your fellow explorers can make your learning journey more fun and enriching.

  • Have a look at the page titled "Think about ..." We're just thinking about plans at this point & this step can wait until tomorrow if you run out of time. 
If your schedule permits, put this on your calendar: at  12 noon on Wednesday Jan. 27 we'll host a ~1 hr. synchronous session in Collaborate Ultra; a tour of some open options we've found useful along with lots of time for Q&A. Look for the link on the course homepage/hub & more details [coming] in the Open Forum.

Still got a little time? Visit the Open forum & check out our "Quick Quest" of the day.

Day 2:

  • If you didn't do so yesterday, have a look at the page titled "Think about ..." Have a quick look at the two sample plans at the bottom of that page & decide if this simple template will work for your own plan. Or draft your own.
  • View the moodle book "Degrees of Open" to explore some of the perspectives (definitions) of Open.
  • Visit the "What does Open mean to you?" topic thread in the Open Forum and share your thoughts or questions. 
Don't forget: if you have the time & inclination, check the Open forum for the [optional] Quick Quest of the day. 

Day 3:

  • Our main event for today is our ~1 hr. synchronous session in Collaborate Ultra and we really hope to see you there. We'll present a tour of open options we've utilized in our own PD, & introduce others. There will be ample time for Q&A as well as to share your own engagements with Open. We'll post up-to-the-minute access details in the Open Forum.
  • Can't make the synchronous session? We'll be posting the recording so you can view it Wednesday evening (or later).
  • If you have time today, you can start drafting your own PD plan and consider how you might implement some of the ideas suggested. You might also visit the Tips and Resources page for LOTS of other open suggestions.
down the rabbit holeEven Day 3 has a Quick Quest for those who have the time to explore it!

Day 4:

  • Today is the day to explore our list of Tips & Resources and make a note of which ones (along with other resources you've found) to add to your draft PD plan. Think not just about OERs but about open practices you want to learn or perhaps try implementing. 
  • If you haven't done so already, start drafting your PD plan. We offer examples of a simple planning template at the bottom of the Think About ... page. You can use Google docs or Word or another program of your choice. 
  • If you have a draft by the end of Day 4, please post your plan to the forum titled Post your Plans HERE! If you're stuck on something, include questions you're pondering or ask for specific feedback.
  • If you've found a really rich website or OER, please share the link and a note (in the Open forum) so we can add them to the Tips and Resources page.
The Quick Quest for Day 4 will be available for your questing pleasure.

Day 5:

  • If you haven't done so already, please post your plan to the the forum titled Post your Plans HERE!. If you're stuck on something, include questions you're pondering or ask for specific feedback.
  • Take time to explore the draft PD plans that others have posted. Reflect and share your thoughts about professional development ideas, process, options.
  • This is a day to take a Looking Forward/Looking Back approach to your open options professional development plan. Put on your critical thinking hat and your reflective glasses (metaphorically speaking ;-) and post your ongoing questions and ideas to the Open Forum.
  • Last step: please complete the Reflect - Assess - Award activity. It's only 3 questions & won't take you more than a minute or 2. This is the step you must complete to earn a FLO MicroCourse badge for this course.
Last chance to complete yet another Quick Quest!

Later ...

  • Don't forget to re-visit the Tips and Resources page. We'll be adding participants' recommendations as they appear so the list will grow.
  • As time permits (now or later) you may want to create a map or list of the important intersections you see between your goals, selected topics to focus on and the options you've identified. Do you need to do more research?
  • Consider the idea of "growing" your personal learning network. Have you met people through this MicroCourse that might collaborate with you in future PD endeavours? Or who might have information to help develop the stages of your PD plan?

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