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October 2019

This is a collection of resources compiled for and by participants in the FLO MicroCourse: Metacognition: Rethinking the role of thinking in learning.

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Check out those articles that attract your attention to help with your goal. Most are short. Be respectful of your available time.

Patrick Cunningham, Setting Common Metacognition Expectations for Learning with Your Students. Retrieved February 22, 2019

Patrick Cunningham, Addressing Student Resistance to Engaging in their Metacognitive Development. Retrieved November 5, 2018

Patrick Cunningham, Helping Students Feel Responsible for Their Learning. Retrieved August 8, 2018 

Patrick Cunningham, Where Should I Start With Metacognition? Retrieved April 4, 2018

More articles from Patrick Cunningham may be found at the link:

Lauren Scharff, Personal Characteristics Necessary for Metacognition. Retrieved June 3, 2019

Audra Schaefer, Metacognitive Instruction: Suggestions for Faculty Retrieved April 24, 2019

Caroline Mueller, Learning about learning: A student perspective. Retrieved April 3, 2019

More articles about metacognition may be found on the link:

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness in the Classroom. Retrieved April 7, 2015

Joseph Ball, Metacognition and Student Learning.  Retrieved Spring, 2017

Caitrin Blake, Metacognition in the Classroom. Retrieved January 5, 2016

Rachelle Dene Poth, Metacognition and Why it Matters in Education. Retrieved October 18, 2019


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Check out the articles that may relate to your specific interests and needs for metacognitive activities for your students. Be respectful of your available time.

Patrick Cunningham, How do you know you know what you know? Retrieved August 21, 2019 from

Liesel Knaack and Melissa Robertson, Ten Metacognitive Teaching Strategies Helping Students Learn How to Learn.  Retrieved (no date)

 John Spencer, Five Ways to Boost Metacognition in the Classroom. Retrieved August 13, 2018

Sarah Robinson, Metacognitive Time Capsule Assignments for Reflection on Writing Skills. Retrieved June 16, 2017

Blake Harvard, Promoting Metacognition with Retrieval Practice in Five Steps. Retrieved June 22, 2017

Centre for Teaching Excellence, Teaching Metacognitive Skills. Retrieved (no date)

Li-Shih Huang, Three Ideas for Implementing Learner Reflection. Retrieved November 6, 2017



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