Research Phase

Suggested timeframe for completion: by Tuesday morning              

Step 1: Explore the what, why, and how of acknowledgements and cultural self-location.

Read and view the Step 1 Learning Materials.  You can also check out the course References & Resources If you'd like to dig deeper when you have time.

Creation Phase

Suggested timeframe for completion: by end of day Wednesday

Step 2 - Draft it!

Create your land acknowledgment and cultural self-location introduction in whatever format you prefer - text, video, or sound clip.   (Recommended maximum length for video or sound clip is 4 minutes and for text introduction, about 275 words).  

We encourage you to try making a video because it facilitates a greater sense of social presence online than text alone.  You can use the video tool that's built into the text editor in the course discussion forums, or any other video tool of your choice.

Note: If you use your own video tool, you can upload it by using the colourful starburst icon in the text editor.  If you use the built in tool, it works best if you record all in one go.

Step 3 - Post it

Share your draft land acknowledgment and self location statement in the Sharing and Feedback Forum

Review and Feedback Phase

Suggested timeframe for completion: by midday Friday

Step 4 - Review and engage

Review other participants' diverse acknowledgment and cultural self-location introductions, and select a few to engage with or comment on.   

Step 5 - Give and receive feedback

Invite feedback on your own acknowledgement and cultural self-location introductions and give feedback on some other people's introductions. Some  guiding questions provided are provided in the Sharing and Feedback Forum. Try to ensure that everyone receives at least one collegial response when you are deciding whose introductions to engage with. 

Please also use the MicroCourse Peer Feedback Rubric  to guide and assess your feedback!

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