Facilitator: Cindy Xin
Description: How can we improve the way we communicate online and organize our collective ideas? What is lacking in the discussion tools we use?

This seminar is an opportunity to address these and other questions while exploring the effectiveness of a Web Annotation tool. Web Annotation, a feature that can be integrated into the Moodle forum tool, is currently under development. We appreciate any feedback you have about the functionality, and how you would use web annotation in your own teaching.

The Enhancing Online Communication seminar is made possible by funding from BCcampus as part of a collaborative project to assess Moodle as a viable platform for online teaching and learning for post-secondary institutions in BC. The Web Annotation project is released under the GNU General Public License, and was made possible through the support of BCcampus, Andrew Feenberg's Applied Communication and Technology Lab, and the Learning and Instructional Development Centre at Simon Fraser University.

This seminar will take place on the Malaspina University-College Moodle Development Server where Web Annotation is currently being tested. You may access the activity using guest access. However, will need to create an account on that server to contribute to discussions and fully experience the Web Annotation tool.

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