Team learning and group dynamics is so vitally important that an entire week has been devoted to its exploration.

Collaborative learning, especially in teams, has the potential to greatly enrich the learning experience. The richness and success of team learning hinges on group dynamics.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Here are the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria you should be working with/toward for this week's mini-session.

Learning Outcomes 
(your participants will be able to...)
Assessment Criteria

Work effectively with groups online (including recognizing group dynamics, and identifying opportunities to prevent or manage group conflict)

  • Identify strategies for working with diverse online communities (e.g., existing cohort and team cultures)
  • Propose solutions to conflict resolution in online teams

Use strategies and tools to establish and maintain instructor presence, and support learning and community goals

  • Suggest support options for resolving or preventing team conflict going forward
  • Comment on the role of the instructor in managing team conflict

Assess community-building elements and strategies in the design of online learning activities and courses

  • Suggest ways that team work and processes can be supported to accommodate team conflict when it arises

Use strategies to support diverse communities of online adult learners

Attend to "general housekeeping" of the online environment

Critically evaluate self-performance and learning

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