What is community?  Why/how is it important to learning?  How is community created and maintained?

We begin by exploring how building community sets the stage for success in online learning. We will use your introductions to learn about each other and to begin to build our online community.

We will see where energy and leadership emerge within our community as we construct a video about community, together. And, we will examine the factors that support and sustain online learning communities.

We will lay the groundwork for ongoing reflective practice by establishing a learning journal. Your journal will serve as a record of your discoveries, ideas, strategies, and future plans for online facilitation.

Finally, the stage will be set this week for the learning activities you will be facilitating and participating in during the remainder of the course. This is introduced early in the course so you get a clear picture of what is coming, and will have time to prepare for your mini-facilitation session and for your role as a participant in the the various learning activities.

Notice what the FLO facilitators and your colleagues did this week to develop the learning community. What worked for you (e.g., features of the course itself, activities, timing, certain moments or postings)? What could have been done differently?

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