Introduction to "Ongoing Activities"

At the beginning of FLO, take some time to familiarize yourself with activities that you will be responsible for during each of the next five weeks. "Ongoing Activities" include:

  • Your Learning Journal - keep a weekly journal to collect your thoughts, questions and reflections (this can be private or shared)

  • Nuggets - extract or glean "nuggets" that you want to share with FLO participants. Post these nuggets in the Weekly Journal Share forum.

  • Self-Assessment (Participation) - use the assessment method you select (see explanation in the Workshop Outline) to evaluate your participation each week; include some comments about your selected criteria and your performance in journal nuggets.

  • Readings and Resources - read or view, reflect and discuss the articles and media contained in "Readings & Resources", located below the Overview section each week.

  • Mini-session Feedback - Look for the thread for each mini-session (posted by the ISWo facilitators. Post your feedback to mini-session facilitators
    If you were one of the facilitators, complete the FLIF (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback) quiz online at the end of your mini-session week (Sunday night or Monday morning). You will receive a response from one of the ISWo facilitators.

  •   FORUM: Open Forum  a place to seek help, initiate discussions, share your thoughts about the workshop or anything else.
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