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browser toolbar

the Contribute browser toolbar is viewable when you are browsing pages in Contribute. It contains the following buttons:

edit page | new page | back | forward | stop | refresh | homepages

(the editing toolbar is quite different)



Contribute is a software program that enables users to easily create, edit and publish web pages on existing websites.



The computer on which you are working at the time. Files or images from your desktop computer can be uploaded to a website.


edit page

After you’ve connected to a website through Contribute, you can open and edit pages on that website. To open a page for editing, you simply browse to the page and click on the edit page button in the upper left corner. You may not have editing rights to all pages. After you click on the edit page button, you will have access to the editing toolbar

editing toolbar

The Contribute editing toolbar is available after you click on the edit page button in Contribute. It contains the following buttons:

publish | send for review | save for later | cancel | insert link | insert image | insert table | page properties



An image can be an electronic photo or drawing, and may be a .jpeg, .gif or .bmp type of file. You can add images from your computer (desktop) by clicking on the image button in the editing toolbar.



The Contribute Key is provided by your administrator and contains information that enables you to access and make changes to the website. A key can be specific to specific parts of a website, and can also be specific to different user access levels (ie, a publisher or a content writer will each have unique keys).

The Contrubute Key may be sent in an email, or transferred on a USB memory stick, and is only required once, when you set up your access. 



Provided by your administrator, it is required to create a new connection to your site.



There are several different toolbars depending on if you are browsing or editing pages in Contribute. There is a browser toolbar, an editing toolbar and a text formatting toolbar.



the full address of a website, eg: