Situating Ourselves

For our community building introductory activity, we'll use this "Glossary" tool in Moodle to share our "situated introductions." Then we will use tags to reveal our careers, hobbies, interests, family, geographical location, and anything else that comes to mind, as a way to discover connections.

Choose one or more questions to respond to. 

Situate yourself in this world:

  • What communities claim you (are you part of)?
  • Who in your life has greatly inspired you and in what way?
  • What is one tradition that is important to you?  
  • What is one decision you made that has led to you being here today?
  • Describe a place that you are deeply connected to and why.

Situate yourself in this day:

  • How are you feeling today?
  • What is present in the background of this day? 

Situate yourself if this course:

  • What are you hoping to learn in this course?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you bring that you want to share with the group?


  1. Click "add a new entry"
  2. Add your name at the top (beside "concept")
  3. Add your responses to the questions you chose (beside "definition"). Consider using images or video!
  4. Add tags at the bottom of the page (hit the ENTER key after each tag)
  5. Save changes
  6. Read what others have posted
  7. If it feels right, make some connections! You can add a comment to any glossary-introduction-post to ask about a shared tag, or anything else.
  8. Come back and edit anytime! Consider re-situating yourself any time during the course.
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by Sylvia Riessner - Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 4:09 PM

an image of a Prezi

A moving situation

The transcript for my Prezi:

A moving situation

In this course:

I'm hoping to learn more..

  • about micro-course design
  • whether this approach to learning will 'stick'
  • options for building community in online and blended courses.

My goals:

  • to gather ideas about building community AND designing micro-courses
  • to share ideas, experiences and resources with other participants.

In my world (glimpses)

1 decision that led me here today

The decision to move south from Yukon was hard but we ended up on Vancouver Island which led me to online facilitation (more than f2f) which led me to Facilitating Learning Online workshops, to Sylvia Currie, and all the other amazing co-facilitators that are parts of this online community.

1 place of deep connection

Rathtrevor Provincial Park - I've been visiting since I was 10. So many memories are triggered whenever I walk the beach or trails. Now I live a short drive away - awesome!

Who has inspired me recently?

Monica - my djembe instructor who can listen and manage multiple rhythms and drummers in her head and still keep smiling!

Cogdog (aka Alan Levine) - whenever I am at a loss for how to engage learners, I go to his blog for ideas. A constant outpouring.

Stephanie Nolen - one of the best writers and 'splainers' I've ever read. She makes the complex clear and holds up a clear glass through which to see and understand different peoples and cultures.

In this day

Feeling have so many options to learn, so many beautiful places to explore, so many possibilities to contemplate..

Feeling rushed!

photo of me taken by a short person :-)


by Sylvia Currie - Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 9:28 AM
The world

What is one decision you made that has led to you being here today?

20 years ago my husband and I purchased property on a lake, along with an old camper trailer. We dreamed about having a cabin -- a place to escape to from city life (near Vancouver) on weekends and holidays. We found ourselves driving back and forth almost every weekend, 4 hours each direction, and inventing creative ways to extend our time at the lake. One day we asked ourselves this question: Why don't we call the lake home, and visit the city for work? And we did! Our house sold in a matter of weeks and we started construction on our now home. The day we reached the turnkey phase the floor fell out of our rusted camper. Timing is everything. 

This day

What is present in the background of this day? 

I'm thinking about how much I appreciate intuitive interfaces. 

shower or bath knob

This course

What are you hoping to learn in this course?

As I embark on the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC and prepare for this MicroCourse I am curious about what has changed over the years when it comes to community building in online courses.