Situating Ourselves

For our community building introductory activity, we'll use this "Glossary" tool in Moodle to share our "situated introductions." Then we will use tags to reveal our careers, hobbies, interests, family, geographical location, and anything else that comes to mind, as a way to discover connections.

Choose one or more questions to respond to. 

Situate yourself in this world:

  • What communities claim you (are you part of)?
  • Who in your life has greatly inspired you and in what way?
  • What is one tradition that is important to you?  
  • What is one decision you made that has led to you being here today?
  • Describe a place that you are deeply connected to and why.

Situate yourself in this day:

  • How are you feeling today?
  • What is present in the background of this day? 

Situate yourself if this course:

  • What are you hoping to learn in this course?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you bring that you want to share with the group?


  1. Click "add a new entry"
  2. Add your name at the top (beside "concept")
  3. Add your responses to the questions you chose (beside "definition"). Consider using images or video!
  4. Add tags at the bottom of the page (hit the ENTER key after each tag)
  5. Save changes
  6. Read what others have posted
  7. If it feels right, make some connections! You can add a comment to any glossary-introduction-post to ask about a shared tag, or anything else.
  8. Come back and edit anytime! Consider re-situating yourself any time during the course.
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Leonne Beebe

by Leonne Beebe - Monday, 29 October 2018, 1:05 AM

This World: I live in Agassiz (the alpha and the omega - starts with A and end with Z) BC, in the old family farm house that has been in our family for over 110 years, and I work in Agassiz and Chilliwack.  My God-mother/Aunt, Franciscan Sister Anthony Therese, a teacher and social worker, inspired me with her love of teaching and working with people, especially those in need. When our son was growing up, we had a "family hug" at the beginning of the day before we all set off in different directions. Now, when we say good-bye after our Sunday visit with our son, daughter-in-law and two year old granddaughter, Rose, we have our "family hug".  Rose now gives us all a hug and kiss before we leave. I am deeply connected to our little Island 23 with the old farm house because when I walk out of the door and down the road, I see the sloughs with  beautiful Mt. Cheam in full view with the most breath-taking sunrises.  Sto:lo First Nations tradition says she is our "Mountain Mother" reaching her arms out to protect us. I have climbed her twice and hope to climb it at least one more time.

Rose Riding Hood            Rose Riding Hood 

This day: I have been working all day on two online courses, collaborating on a group test and writing responses to discussion forums. It was pouring rain all morning and most of the afternoon; however, I did find a break in the rain, so I went outside walking along road beside the slough looking at Mt. Cheam between the rain showers and the sunshine for about half an hour. Then, the rains returned.

This course: As a student, I want to bring my experience in what it is like to be in a full-term online course, and secondly, as a teacher, I want to bring my observations of the design for community building in these courses. My goal is to develop an ongoing activity that can be used to build and maintain community with the teacher and other students throughout the course and not just at the beginning.- to bring some of the ideal FLO world into the real online world.