Sunday, 4 December 2022, 12:31 AM
Site: SCoPE - BCcampus Learning + Teaching
Group: Spring 2007 ETUG In the Moodle Workshop ([SCoPE] ETUG )
Glossary: Moodle Workshop Glossary


(Green) In designing online learning activities, assessment refers to a method of finding out if the learner has achieved a level of knowledge and understanding. This can be determined by the learner or another person.

Information Design

(Yellow) Information design refers to many aspects of an online course, such as:
  • Instructions to guide learners
  • Organization of all resources
  • Appearance of resources
  • Course layout
  • Linking of course information
  • "Big idea" organizers (mind maps, etc)

Interaction/Active Learning

(Red) In the design of an online activity, interaction refers to the active engagement of the learner with:
  • other learners
  • the instructor
  • course content
  • external resources
  • individual and group tasks