Digital Badges - Dec 1-15, 2012

Digital Badges - Dec 1-15, 2012

Facilitator: Peter Rawsthorne Peter Rawsthorne


During this two-week seminar we will explore digital badges from concept through to implementation. The seminar will focus on the possible pedagogies and technology required for implementing digital badges. We will also take a critical look at the current state of digital badges with discussion of the required and possible futures. If you have a few hours to read and discuss focused topics and participate in two mid-day (PST) webinars then please join is this lively learning experience focused on digital badges.


Web Conferences

The synchronous sessions are supported and moderated by the BC Educational Technology Users Group and will take place in Blackboard Collaborate:

  1. December 4, 12:00 - 13:00 pm PST | recording | on blip.tvslides | chat transcript
    Introduction to Digital Badges 
  2. December 11, 12:00 - 13:00 pm PST | recording | on | slides | chat transcript
    Implementation Has Two Sides

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TASK 5.2 (Dec 7th): Creating and Issuing the Badge 8 Christine Horgan
TASK 2 (Dec 2nd): The digital badge 54 Julia Hengstler
Thank you for participating in Digital Badges 2 Julia Hengstler
TASK 7 (Dec 14): Let's start issuing seminar badges 10 Julia Hengstler
TASK 4 (Dec 5th): Go earn some badges already! 27 Julia Hengstler
TASK 1 (Dec 1st): Describe the merit badge 46 Julia Hengstler
TASK 3 (Dec 4th): Identify the curriculum 18 Julia Hengstler
Should badges be open? 4 Julia Hengstler
What do you want to know about digital badges? 38 Julia Hengstler
Blog posts 6 Jo Freitag
Reflections 3 Jo Freitag
Digital Badges Webinar: Tuesday Dec. 4th 6 Jeffrey Keefer
Digital Badges Webinar 2: Tues. Dec. 11th 4 Peter Rawsthorne
TASK 6 (Dec 9th): Compare and contrast badge systems 3 Jo Freitag
TASK 5.1 (Dec 7th): Designing the badge 7 Julia Hengstler
where are badges being stored and noted? 7 Julia Hengstler
A simple three badge system design for this seminar series 38 Joyce McKnight
Please introduce yourself 59 Joyce McKnight
More hack, less yak! 6 Joyce McKnight
The weight of badges 0 Peter Rawsthorne
Complete the TASKS based on your time zone 3 Peter Rawsthorne
TASKS and an inquiry based approach 2 Peter Rawsthorne
Welcome to Digital Badges 1 Peter Rawsthorne