A Framework for Academic Volunteers International: Dec 5-16, 2011

A Framework for Academic Volunteers International: Dec 5-16, 2011
Facilitators: Vasi DonchevaVasi Doncheva and Wayne Mackintosh Wayne Mackintosh

This seminar builds on earlier discussions:

During A Framework for Academic Volunteers International (AVI) we will: 

  • Review the OERu outputs / recommendations for AVI
  • Contribute to usecase scenarios for how AVI might work
  • Gather suggestions and recommendations for the AVI framework to be presented to OERu anchor partners.

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Would you like to be an AVI? 6 Vasi Doncheva
Who are our potential AVIs, how can we attract them and reword them them? 11 simon fenton-jones
Wrapping up -- thanks to all volunteers! 0 Wayne Mackintosh
Drafting the AVI proposal 0 Vasi Doncheva
Clarify the role(s) of AVIs 20 Vasi Doncheva
Free professional development opportunity on open licensing for educators 0 Wayne Mackintosh
Getting started - Seminar overview and review of AVI recommendations 68 Hemlata chari
Do you know of..? 0 Vasi Doncheva
Does anyone have knowledge or experience of the United Nations Volunteer programme 6 Ellen Marie Murphy
How do we provide credit/recognition for vols? 15 Joyce McKnight
What are the provisions for OERu learners/students for whom English is not their first language? 3 Wayne Mackintosh
User stories as parallel and ongoing activity for the live planning session 10 Wayne Mackintosh
Can you help? OERu assessment and credentialisation practice survey 0 Wayne Mackintosh
Greetings future AVIs! 15 carol yeager
What combination of tools is going to attract vols? 4 Vasi Doncheva
Rules of the game 0 Wayne Mackintosh