Use of Video in Education: Jan 11-24, 2012

Use of Video in Education: January 11-24, 2012
Facilitator: Amy SeversonAmy Severson

As video gets easier to record and publish, it’s valuable to step back and ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Why use video? What purpose does it serve, and what problems does it solve in the online classroom?
  • How much video is enough? How long should clips be, and how many is too many?
  • What accompanies video? What do we add or create to increase viewer engagement?
  • When is security important? How do we balance accessibility and privacy?
  • What questions do we ask of ourselves and our colleagues when choosing what to film, how to edit it, how to frame it and how to share it?

Bring your questions, your ideas, and what you’ve read to the discussion. We won’t find any definitive answers, but certainly some new scenarios and resources, and new questions to jump start discussions in our respective workplaces.

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Summary 1 Sylvia Currie
types of video not covered 2 B Ferrell
Videoconferencing: 2-way communication 4 Sylvia Currie
Readings and Resources 3 Curt Bonk
Length: how long is too long? How short is too short? 14 Frank Zander
Video: and beyond 2 Amy Severson
Examples 2 Amy Severson
Introductions 15 Colin Madland
Privacy: To You Tube or to Password Protect? 2 Emma Duke-Williams
Creating video as a collaborative exercise 2 Paddy Fahrni
Welcome to our January seminar: Use of Video in Education 0 Sylvia Currie