SOF2008: Week 1 Discussion

During week 1 of the Shaping our Future Symposium we invite you to relate your own experiences and expectations for e-learning research and the types of organization models you have experienced to support this research.

If your post is not related to an existing discussion thread, feel free to initiate your own topic. Click on the begin a new discussion thread button. Do you need help finding your way around or do you have suggestions to improve our conference experience? Drop into the help forum.

A separate forum has been set up to extend the dialogue begun during the week 2 live sessions. We encourage you to carry on both here and there! :-)

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Definitions 20 Debra Hoven
Why is e-learning crucial for Canada? 32 Stephen Downes
Identify the key stakeholders 25 guadalupe vadillo
Research: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 12 terumi miyazoe
Graphical Summary of Week 1 Discussions 4 Terry Anderson
Evidence Based? 1 Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Best Metholdogy?? 15 Kelly Edmonds
International student participation in E-learning Institutes 5 Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Is a baseline needed 10 Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
including non-formal learning environments 7 Peter Ball
Components of a PanCanadian Research Agenda 7 Terry Anderson
Adoption/Diffusion 18 Randy Garrison
What's this conference all about? 50 Rodger Levesque
Who is afraid of e-learning? 11 guadalupe vadillo
Learner Centered Pedagogy 1 Jason Barr
Experience in Sri Lanka 0 Nalin Abeysekera