Introduce yourself to other participants in the course. Where are you from? Why are you interested in this course? What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success? What else? (your work, your experiences, etc.)

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Who is Hans de Zwart and what is he doing here? 10 Cris Crissman
Facilitator and student ombudsmen... 19 Asif Devji
Critiques of learning analytics? 28 Marielle Lange
Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina! 0 Deborah Solla
Hi from Barcelona-Spain 2 Dolors Capdet
Attending the LAK11 conference? 7 Hans de Zwart
Another Aussie 0 Kate Ritchens
Greetings from Brazil 1 Gabriela Bulla
Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil 2 Gabriela Bulla
Hello from São Paulo, Brazil 5 Gabriela Bulla
Better late than never from Ireland 1 Gabriela Bulla
Hi, from L.A., Calif. Anyone interested in K-12 analytics? 5 Leah Bricker
Greetings from North Carolina State University 2 Jennifer Stanigar
Analytics for Actual/Virtual 19 Linda Burns
Toronto -> Copenhagen 2 Nobuko Fujita
Hi from Oman / Austria 0 Ken Masters
(late) greetings from Belgium 5 Inge Ignatia de Waard
Salam/Hello from PAKISTAN / USA 0 Sohail Aslam
Hello everyone 8 ines cambiasso
Hi from Granada (Spain) 0 Pablo José Castillo
More greetings from The Open University, Uk 1 stefaan vande walle
Hi from Madrid, Spain 2 Derick Leony
Hello from Kitchener, Ontario 0 Mike Cummings
hola, 2 Luis Torres Yepez
Hello from New York City! 1 Vanessa Vaile
Barcelona -> Copenhagen and belated greetings 0 Gemma Orta Martinez
Hello from Tallinn, Estonia 3 Hans Põldoja
Hello from Northern BC ... Canada 0 Brian Butler
Greetings from San Jose, Calfornia 1 Jeff Grann
Hi from Australia 2 Andrew Yardy
Greetings from Los Angeles California 0 Kevin Huotari
Noelle from Puerto Rico 3 Noelle Ochoa
Hi from Croatia 3 Katarina Pisutova
Regards from Bulgaria 1 Apostolos Koutropoulos
Greetings from Belgium! 5 Inge Ignatia de Waard
Hello from Torino, Italy 1 Bert De Coutere
More greetings from Belgium ;-) 2 Bert De Coutere
Belgium calling 5 Bert De Coutere
Greetings from Austin, TX 1 George Siemens
Hi from Davis, CA 0 HVX Silverstar
Michael Rees, Gold Coast, Australia 1 Jeff Grann
Hello from Ann Arbor, Michigan 0 Kathleen Omollo
Cheers from Cadiz 1 merce galan
Hello from Barcelona 1 merce galan
Hello from Aachen, Germany 10 Apostolos Koutropoulos
Saludos desde Torreón México 13 Kami Mutan
Greetings from Buffalo New York 0 Mary Beth Orrange
Groeten uit België ! 1 Inge Ignatia de Waard
Another Aussie loitering... 1 Hans de Zwart
Hello from Baltimore, MD 3 Tanya Elias
Irwin in Kamloops BC Canada 4 Irwin DeVries
Hello from Toronto 4 Jenni Hayman
Today: Toronto, Canada. Next week: Copenhagen, Denmark 0 Christopher Teplovs
Hello from Toronto, Canada 4 Stian Håklev
greeting from Kharkov, Ukraine 3 Stian Håklev
Hello from Toronto 1 Stian Håklev
Hi from Toronto 1 Stian Håklev
Hello from Toronto/P2PU 0 Stian Håklev
Hello from Davis, CA! 1 Vanessa Vaile
Hi from Puerto Rico 0 Rosana Torres
Greetings! 0 Mary Rearick
To LAK... and beyond! 5 Vanessa Vaile
Hi, I'm Adam Weisblatt from Fairfield, CT US 0 Adam Weisblatt
Hi From Rural Colorado 1 Vanessa Vaile
Cheers from Pittsburgh, PA. 0 Debbie Piecka
Hi from Nicola, Surrey 2 Nicola Avery
Hello from Kamloops, BC 0 Michelle Harrison
Greetings 0 Carline Romain
A Smile and a Wave from Minnesota 1 Jeff Grann
Blessings from San Juan, Puerto Rico!!! 0 Marangellie Arroyo
Hi from London 0 Steve Ryan
Barbara (Bee) from São Paulo, Brazil 7 Kami Mutan
Hello from Colorado 2 Kami Mutan
Introductions 0 Josu Uztarroz
Hello from Chile! 2 Kami Mutan
Bonjour de Montréal, Canada 3 Inge Ignatia de Waard
Hello from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada :-) 2 Inge Ignatia de Waard
Hello from Kamloops, BC / Canada 1 Tanya Elias
Another one from NZ 1 Tanya Elias
Greetings from the Windy City 1 Tanya Elias
Hi from San Jose, California 0 Diana Joseph
Hello from Oregon, US 0 Rurik Nackerud
Shalom from Eva Birger 1 Nicola Avery
Hello! From Portugal... 0 João Vizinho
Greetings from Hudson, Massachusetts, US 2 Jude Griffin
Hello from Sweden 0 Niklas Karlsson
Hello from Dublin, Ireland 0 Mark Melia
donatella 0 Arzedi
Greetings from a wintry Scotland 0 Walter Patterson
Hello fom Glasgow 1 Walter Patterson
Hello from Cambridge, MA, USA 3 Apostolos Koutropoulos
Later comer from Spain 0 Abelardo Pardo
Ahoy from Greater Boston, MA USA 1 Apostolos Koutropoulos
My introduction (Joitske Hulsebosch) 1 Nelly Spanjersberg
Hi from Italy! 3 Apostolos Koutropoulos
News from Kuala Lumpur 0 Shahrinaz Ismail
Hello from Athabasca 0 Nancy Parker
Greetings from Salem, MA 0 Apostolos Koutropoulos
Hi from Milton Keynes, UK 1 Jeff Grann
Julià Minguillón from Barcelona 4 Julià Minguillón