Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009

Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009
Facilitators: Trish RosseelTrish Rosseel & Cindy UnderhillCindy Underhill

From Wikipedia: Digital identity refers to the aspect of digital technology that is concerned with the mediation of people's experience of their own identity and the identity of other people and things.

How do you manage and make informed choices about your digital identity? What does all of this mean in an educational context? What are the questions YOU need to ask of your learners to educate them about their digital identities? Join two of the developers behind University of British Columbia's Digital Tattoo project for a discussion about digital identities and what we all need to know.

Using the resources on the Digital Identity Wiki as fodder for discussion, we'll focus on a different themes for each of the three weeks:
  1. Us
  2. Our Learners
  3. Our Institutions
Each week, we'll highlight a few of the questions we think are important and (hopefully) draw out some of the themes that are important to you.

We look forward to the discussion in the coming weeks!

Web Conference: Digital Tattoo project December 11, 2009
- Elluminate recording
- Standalone recording (.jar 24 MB)

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