Serious Games and Virtual Worlds: April 4-24, 2007

Serious Games and Virtual Worlds
Therese WeelTherese Weel and 
Tia Carr WilliamsTia Carr Williams
Description: This 3-week seminar will be a combination of exploration and reflection on serious games and virtual worlds. The first week will focus on serious games, and the second on virtual worlds. Our final week will provide an opportunity for further discussion on the themes that emerged. Together we will share resources and experiences, chart the landscape, and explore the educational value of serious games and virtual worlds.

Building our resources together here:

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
The Universe of Virtual Worlds 5 Kim FLINTOFF
Closing Thoughts....and thanks 5 Corinne Brooks
IndustryPlayer discussion 16 Corinne Brooks
The Hype and Value of Second Life 4 Ton Zijlstra
Reflections 4 Janet Bowen
Serious Games: Oxymoron or explorative concept? 23 Janet Bowen
The Future of Virtual Worlds 6 Kim FLINTOFF
Special Invitation to Tapped In Festival 2007: Playing to Learn 3 Barbara Dieu
The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki 5 Therese Weel
Second Life places of interest 22 Kim FLINTOFF
Virtual Science 3 Therese Weel
Thank you Dan 1 Dan O'Reilly
Margaret Corbit - 3d Environments for K-12 - Science and Social Studies 14 Margaret Corbit
Welcome To Virtual Worlds Week 10 Margaret Corbit
Molotov Alva Diaries 0 Therese Weel
Welcome 28 David Brear
The Value Of Serious Games 8 Therese Weel
Second Life Gaming & Learning Group Mind Map (GaLiSL) 9 George Kurtz
Meeting in Second Life 9 Tia Carr Williams
Resources, links and suggested reading 11 Angelo Lewis
A Conversation with Ron Edwards, CEO of Ambient Performance on Borocay Island in Second Life. 1 Tia Carr Williams
Forming Community in Online Games 0 Therese Weel
DO SERIOUS GAMES WORK? 2 Deirdre Bonnycastle
How Serious Games can enable the Digital Student 0 Tia Carr Williams
Thinking Worlds 1 Tia Carr Williams
What do we need to optimise Serious Games in the classroom? 1 Deirdre Bonnycastle