SCoPE Seminar: Informal Learning: May 15 - June 4, 2006

Informal Learning

Sarah HaavindSarah Haavind and
Nancy WhiteNancy White
Description: Courses and formal learning approaches certainly have their place. However, how close are we to recognizing and understanding the potential of informal learning? How do we create opportunities for informal learning? Is designing informal learning an oxymoron? During this 3-week seminar discussion we will tackle these and other questions in an effort to understand informal learning more deeply.

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City storytelling and games, participative democracy, learning communities -- a short list 2 David Millar
Overview of second round, with readings suggested by participants 10 Hanan Gazit (VRider)
Is this informal or formal? 34 Ann Busby
Form follows function 1 Ann Busby
Reflecting on the technical stuff and turning it into a wish list 16 Geoffrey Glass
Debriefing our Informal Learning discussion here in SCoPE 26 Ann Busby
The Videogames revolution and informal learning 6 Hanan Gazit (VRider)
Is Learning fun or F.U.N.? 10 Derek Chirnside
Storytelling around informal campfire 14 Nancy White
Edge of Chaos - eLearning 11 Nancy White
Reading List 6 Nancy White
Types of informal learning 5 Hanan Gazit (VRider)
Community-building principles? 7 Nancy Riffer
Debriefing "Just Three Words" Game 7 Nancy White
Informal Learning "Just Three Words" Game 20 Nancy White
Integrating 5 levels of purposeful learning 0 chris macrae
Learning how to become a star or the best you can be 3 Susanne Nyrop
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my recent compilation of placeblogs, wikis, RSS and e-authoring 7 Sylvia Currie
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Overview of first round, with suggested discussion topics 49 Hanan Gazit (VRider)
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