The Art of Teaching: Oct 19 - Nov 6, 2009

The Art of Teaching: October 19-November 6, 2009

Facilitators: Neil SmithNeil Smith, Nancy RandallNancy Randall, and Andrew MarchandAndrew Marchand

Each week of this 3-week seminar will be launched with an Art of Teaching Art of Teaching video and live discussion in Elluminate. You can access the Elluminate room up to 30 minutes in advance of the session. When prompted, just type your first name and the initials of the institution where you work (for example Bart Jones UNBC). New to Elluminate? Please take 5 minutes now to visit Elluminate Support and follow the steps for first time users.

Video now on YouTube! Part 1 (of 8)

Preview the video (temporary location)

Week 1: Intro, Bridge-in, Outcomes
Elluminate session: Monday, October 19 | text chat transcript | Elluminate recording |

Week 2: Pre-assessment, Participation
Elluminate session: Monday, October 26 | text chat transcript | Elluminate recording |

Week 3: Post-assessment, Summary
Elluminate session: Monday, November 2 |text chat transcript | Elluminate recording |

Extra Elluminate session: The Art of Teaching Remixed
You are invited to share how you are applying what you are learning in the Art of Teaching series.
Tuesday, November 3, 1:30 PST (see your time zone)

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Engagement rubric ( holistic) 2 Nancy Randall
Thank you! 0 Sylvia Currie
Week 3: Post-assessment and Summary 3 Deirdre Bonnycastle
Elluminate Session Archives 3 Sylvia Currie
ACTIVE LEARNING Fun VS Substantive learning 2 Sylvia Riessner
Interview Matrix Strategy introduced in today's session 1 Sylvia Currie
Different levels of confidence... Grad and undergrad 2 Deirdre Bonnycastle
Trust and Relationship Building 5 Paddy Fahrni
Deep learning and transformative learning 0 neil SMITH
Week 2: Pre-Assessment and Participation 0 Sylvia Currie
Welcome to our October seminar! 10 Susan Lister
Bridge In ... What are the common errors? 3 neil SMITH
Passion and burnout 4 neil SMITH
Learning Outcomes & how to evaluate the more abstract forms of learning 4 neil SMITH
Depth VS breadth of outcomes 1 Deirdre Bonnycastle
The importance of structure 0 Andrew Marchand