Video Introductions Forum

For this introduction activity, please create a short (less than 2 minutes) video introduction and share it in this forum. Why video introductions? Since facilitating online often does have an element of video to it, it's a good idea to practice your "being on video" skills. This is a great, low-risk way to start!


  • Think of the most important details that you'd like to share about yourself with the group
  • Lightly script out what you'd like to say ahead of time and practice it to see if you're within the time limit - remember, it's just 2 minutes or less!
  • Don't read your script verbatim; paraphrase a bit to sound more natural
  • Look to see what's behind you in your environment that is going to appear on camera - is it suitable?
  • Record in a quiet environment so that a lot of background noises don't come through
  • Look at your camera and don't forget to smile/be yourself
  • Don't stress if it's not "perfect" - you are given chances to re-record
  • Don't spend more than 20 minutes on this activity :-)

Not sure how to create your video? Here are some options:

  • Option 1: We think the easiest option might be using the "record video" button in the editing toolbar when you add a new discussion topic (forum post) right here in Moodle. Look for the black video camera icon to find the right button.
  • Option 2: Click on the colourful starbust in the editing toolbar to download the Kaltura plugin and record your video to the MyMedia area. Then embed it in a forum post.
  • Option 3: Create one on your mobile device and upload it to YouTube (set to unlisted) and insert the link to the video in your post
  • Option 4: Create a free account on Zoom, turn your video on, turn on recording, make your video. Grab the recording from your Zoom downloads folder, upload it to YouTube (set to unlisted) and insert the link to the video in your post
  • Option 5 (phew!): Use free software such as Screencast-o-Matic to make your video and share it here
Ask for help if you need it, or share another way you might usually create videos in this forum.

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