Sharing & Feedback

Share your intro video

  • Upload your video. Use Kaltura if you are comfortable using it. You can also use YouTube or other video hosting platforms.
    • Tip: Upload directly to Kaltura from the forum post using this button on the editor toolbar¬†Kaltura button¬†[Note: requires that your institution has Kaltura. Substitute with whatever platform you plan to use -- YouTube, etc]
  • Create a new discussion thread using subject: "Your Name Video"
  • Include a link to your video. .
  • Add details about how you created the video, and any specific challenges and questions you have
  • Be sure to include the goal of your video (presence, safety, fun, or?)

Give specific, constructive feedback on other intro videos

Guiding questions:

  • Does the post help establish instructor presence or another goal?
  • Is it clear? too long? or too short? just right?
  • Is the quality "good enough" (these need not be oscar winning presentations, but the quality shouldn't interfere with the message, e.g., lots of background noise, too light or too dark images, etc)
  • As a viewer, what is the impression you are left with?
  • Is there something else that you would have liked to know about this person, as a facilitator?

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