Activity - Video/Audio Introductions

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Click on "Add a New Topic" below and then, using the movie icon or the microphone icon (top right),  please record a video or audio introduction to yourself. If you would like to see a video demonstration of how to record please click hereAim for 90 seconds or less

Why video or audio introductions? Since facilitating online often does have both elements to it, we thought practicing your video or audio skills in this way might help you "warm up" to appearing on video later during your synchronous online facilitation.


  • Think of the most important details that you'd like to share about yourself with the group in response to the question prompt
  • Lightly script out what you'd like to say ahead of time and practice it to see if you're within the time limit - remember, it's just 90 seconds!
  • Don't read your script verbatim; paraphrase a bit to sound more natural
  • Look to see what's behind you in your environment that is going to appear on camera - is it suitable?
  • Record in a quiet environment so that a lot of background noises don't come through
  • Look at your camera and don't forget to smile/be yourself
  • Don't stress if it's not "perfect" - you are given chances to re-record
  • Don't spend more than 15 minutes on this activity :-)

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