Week 2 Discussion Forum

After you've had a chance to review one or more of the "Sample Synchros" videos in this unit, please contribute a discussion post here to share your review based on the prompts that are on that activity page. Also, take the time to ask questions of and engage in discussion with your course colleagues by replying to their posts.

Practicing Facilitators will also be using this forum to ask questions of the rest of the group during the planning of their facilitation sessions. All participants - particularly Reviewing Participants - are invited to respond to these questions. Keep in mind the Providing Feedback guidelines suggested in the Course Overview.

You are also encouraged to post other general questions here that may be coming up for you this week.

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
How will you keep things interactive? 12 Beth Cougler Blom
Thoughts on Lisa's video 0 Nancy Carson
Thoughts on the Sample Synchros videos 1 Nancy Carson
A really well run zoom session Creative Mornings 3 Beth Cougler Blom
Reflections on Sample Synchros Videos 4 John McLeod
Question about video introductions and demo 6 John McLeod
How can we be responsive in the moment when facilitating? 7 Beth Cougler Blom
How will you work to get comfortable with the technology? 8 Beth Cougler Blom
Presenting online in PowerPoint 8 Farah Shroff
Thoughts on Trevor's video 4 Gordon McCleary
Thoughts on Megan's video 3 Stephanie Fortin
Take aways from Sample Sessions 0 Geoff Playfair
Thoughts on Megan's session 9 Geoff Playfair
Thoughts on Synchronous Sessions 7 Khairunnisa Ali
Responses for videos from Megan and Hassan 0 Khairunnisa Ali
Thoughts on the Sample Synchros 2 Karen Playfair
Online Office Hours 5 Stephanie Fortin
Thoughts on Trevor's Session on the 4th Industrial Revolution 2 John McLeod
My observations on the recordings 2 Beth Cougler Blom
Link for Farah's practice session on Friday May 22 at 2pm 1 Beth Cougler Blom
Reflections on Kate's Mindfulness Session 1 Beth Cougler Blom