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This forum is for general conversation throughout the course, particularly for questions and discussions that don't seem to fit anywhere else! Everyone should feel free to both ask and answer other participants' questions in this forum.

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We're all done! 2 Beth Cougler Blom
Weird Technical Question on Open Texts 0 Karen Playfair
Upcoming BCcampus courses 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Recording from our Wrap Up Session 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Wrap Up Synchronous Session Today 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Mid-Week Check In 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Looking for Some Expert Help on Collaborate 5 Beth Cougler Blom
Some preliminary Information to read before my session on Monday 2 Sikata Banerjee
Link to Zoom for my session on Monday at 11 am. 2 Sikata Banerjee
Invitation to Co-Facilitate on Friday 2 John McLeod
Globe and Mail webinar 13 Deborah White
Week 2 Wrap up and Week 3 Launch! 0 John McLeod
Moderator Link for Collaborate Ultra Room 0 John McLeod
PDF VS PPT 4 justin ible
Resources for teaching online 0 Nancy Carson
Want to help me test something in Zoom? 1 Sikata Banerjee
Instructions for my facilitating session 3 Beth Cougler Blom
Recommendations for wireless headphones 2 Stephanie Fortin
Mid-Week Check In 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Zoom Breakout Room Video (Thanks Leonard!) 0 John McLeod
Recording of Today's Synchronous Session 0 John McLeod
A document for today's synchronous session 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Small Technical Questions about Zoom 1 Beth Cougler Blom
Jumping in to Week 2 0 John McLeod
Jumping in :) 5 John McLeod
Wrapping up Week 1 4 Beth Cougler Blom
Facilitating Meetings in Zoom handout 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Checking in - How's the course going? 2 John McLeod
May 19 free webinar on Covid 19 and Integrative Health Practices 1 Stephanie Fortin
Using the Marginalia plugin in forum posts 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Recording instructions for video introduction 2 Beth Cougler Blom
Welcome to FLO Synchronous! 27 Beth Cougler Blom
Today's Zoom Launch Meeting Recording 0 John McLeod
Attending today's welcome session? 0 Beth Cougler Blom
Wiki 1 Beth Cougler Blom