Week 2 Discussion Forum

After you've had a chance to review one or more of the "Sample Synchros" videos in this unit, please contribute a discussion post here to share your review based on the prompts that are on that activity page. Also, take the time to ask questions of and engage in discussion with your course colleagues by replying to their posts.

Practicing Facilitators will also be using this forum to ask questions of the rest of the group during the planning of their facilitation sessions. All participants - particularly Reviewing Participants - are invited to respond to these questions. Keep in mind the Providing Feedback guidelines suggested in the Course Overview.

You are also encouraged to post other general questions here that may be coming up for you this week.

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
RELATIONALITY... 4 Ross McKerlich
Choosing the Right Tool 2 Ross McKerlich
Sample Synchro FB 3 Asif Devji
Pushing content vs. experiential learning 10 Asif Devji
Online course vs webinar 6 Katharine Dickinson
Advice from Seasoned Facilitators: Do you need to have a tech support? 10 Gayle Allison
Sample Synchro: Kate - use of silence 6 Gayle Allison
Samples synchros - Use of tools 4 Doug Strable
Sample Synchro: Trevor - Engaging learners 4 Doug Strable
Sample synchro thoughts 3 Briana Fraser
Collaborative Adult Contributions 11 Briana Fraser
review - Megan 2 Briana Fraser
upcoming synchro sessions 0 Dave Smulders
Building Community ? 11 Briana Fraser
Sample Synchros - my takeaways 2 Lynette Manton
Samples of FLO Synchronous- Trevor, Kate and Hussan 1 Katharine Dickinson
Sample Synchronous: Megan, Kate and Lisa. Question about how to end a session 1 Ross McKerlich
Sample Megan 3 Ross McKerlich
Cindy Huggett Virtual Training-Ready to Use Activities for Virtual Training 1 Ross McKerlich