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Monday, May 25th 12:30pm practice facilitation session 4 Dave Smulders
Thanks for a great course 1 Mariana Veiga
Free web-based learning technologies Resource 4 Mariana Veiga
Recording for Session Three 0 Ross McKerlich
Thank you, Disruptors! 1 Dave Smulders
Wrap Up Session Thurs May 28 12:30 0 Ross McKerlich
Reminder for Laura's Session at 12 noon 3 Gayle Allison
Presentation Slides - Resilience in Change 1 Patience Cox
Presentation Slides - Doug S - May 26,2020 0 Doug Strable
Ultra Moderator - 3 Doug Strable
Disrupt Online Learner Apathy session 0 Laura Friesen
Resilience in Change - 6:00pm - Tuesday 1 Laura Friesen
Today's sessions 0 Ross McKerlich
Feedback Strategies for Facilitators; Tonight @7:30pm 0 Doug Strable
Monday Facilitation Session Katharine 12.00pm 0 Katharine Dickinson
CANCELLED - Facilitator Session - Mon. May 25 @ 6:30pm 0 Asif Devji
Week 3 Starts! 0 Ross McKerlich
Practicing Facilitator Feedback 0 Asif Devji
Week Two Comes To A Close 0 Ross McKerlich
Reviewing Participants Sign Up 2 Dave Smulders
BlueJeans rather than Ultra 0 Katharine Dickinson
Observational Drawing - Practicing facilitator session info 5 Doug McRae
Evening Session 4 Doug Strable
Week 1 Wrap-up 2 Asif Devji
Next Phase Starting on Friday 0 Ross McKerlich
Accessibility - Importance of OER Resources 2 Doug Strable
Reminder - Informal Tech TIme - Wed @ 8-9pm PDT 0 Asif Devji
Today's Session 0 Ross McKerlich
Synchro Session 2 Reminder: 12:30pm PDT 0 Ross McKerlich
Week 2 0 Ross McKerlich
Facilitation Guidelines? 5 Briana Fraser
Informal Tech TImes - practice your synchro 3 Asif Devji
Interesting Blog Post 1 carmen rodriguez
Reminder: Informal Tech Time 4 Ross McKerlich
Forum Preference Tip 0 Ross McKerlich
Feedback for our Session Today 0 Ross McKerlich
Late joining 1 Ross McKerlich
Reminder of our session today 0 Ross McKerlich
Welcome to FLO Synchronous! 2 Ross McKerlich