Week 4 Looking Back/Looking Forward

Final reflective activityLooking Back

For your final week's reflections, we're asking you to review your experiences throughout the workshop. As you flip through your learning journal or review your weekly Reflections forum postings - what still resonates?

Did you notice a pattern in the way you participated, what engaged you, what confused you?

Looking Forward

And add a forward perspective - looking ahead, how do you see yourself applying what you've learned? Can you identify new challenges in online design you'd like to explore?

Describe at least one specific objective for your future instructional (learning) design work.

What steps do you plan to take, to ensure that you "make it so"?

We call this activity "Looking Back, Looking Forward" (borrowed from the FLO foundation workshop) and encourage you to try different ways of sharing your final reflections.

Try to post as early as you can so that you can read and enjoy others' posts.

Here's an example of a different way to provide the instructions for this final activity - built in Microsoft Sway.

Click to launch, scroll down to follow the story.

Reflections and Horizons (of FLO-Design) 

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