Week 4 Studio Forum

studio learningThis is the final Studio Forum for the FLO-Design Workshop.

We'll use this Forum to reflect on each participant's "showcase" presentation of their final Unit Plan and prototype learning activity.

If you're unable to attend (or present) during the synchronous sessions, we'll post recordings.

If you're unable to present during the synchronous sessions, post your final Unit Plan (Idea:  create a screencast or video) and post it to this Forum by early Friday morning.

Please take the time to review and provide feedback to as many of the design Plans as you can. We'll post a suggested feedback format; each participant or team can ask for specific feedback if they choose.

You're welcome to identify specific areas of your design on which you'd like feedback. 

If you're not sure what to focus on, you can look at some of the criteria in the FLO-Design Rubric (found in the Workshop Handbook - Assessment page), or the Guides for Design page in the Week 2: Overview, or the suggestions in the Studio Feedback Ideas (shared in this Forum).

(There are no discussion topics yet in this forum)