Week 3 Studio Forum

The weekly studio forums are a place where you can share your progress, your questions, your challenges with others.

For this third week of FLO-Design, we ask that you post a topic thread indicating:

  • a visualization of your Design Project plan,
  • an updated plan description incorporating changes from Week 2
  • your intentions re. final prototype learning activity,
  • your intentions (concerns) re. sharing your final (final draft?) in Week 4 Showcase
  • any questions you have about how to move forward!?

Please take the time to review and respond to at least two other posts in the Studio Forum.


A link to the recording of the Wednesday, Nov 29th Collaborate session "Construction Tips"    40:16.

2:55 - Review of Mid-point Milestones

6:52 - Review of Workshop Learning Outcomes

10:41  Discussion of challenges and questions about design project and prototype learning activity

(There are no discussion topics yet in this forum)