Alternative Sharing & Feedback Forum (Popcorn Style)

If you would prefer not to be part of a triad for Step 3 and 4 on Wed-Thurs and would like to just "dip in" randomly to try to get advice for your situation, feel free to enter and engage in this "Popcorn Style" forum!

Post your ideas about your group scenario that you are considering LS for. What is the purpose of the gathering? Which LS do you think might work for your purpose? Do you have a draft invitation that you are considering?

Anyone else in the course is welcome to post advice in response, even if you are also participating in a triad! Facilitators will reply here too.

Prompts that everyone could follow to give advice:
    • Think about how the person's chosen structure matches up with the purpose for their meeting/teaching/facilitation situation - can you offer up other LS structures which might also work?
    • Have you used the particular LS before and have tips and riffs to share? Please do!
    • Look at their draft invitation. Play it through a bit. Can you help them sharpen or focus it if needed?
    • What else can you offer the person in terms of their situation and using Liberating Structures?

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