Sharing & Feedback

1. Share your draft land acknowledgement and cultural introduction. 

  • Create a new discussion thread using "YourName's Acknowledgement" as the subject header.  
  • Attach or provide a link to your acknowledgement and self-location statement using the tools shown in the text editor. (To hyperlink to a text external to the course, you should select the "open in new window" option that appears in the link pop up menu). 
  • Please feel free to add details about the context for your acknowledgement and self-location statement, and any specific challenges and questions you may have to introduce or close your post, if you like. 

2. Give specific, constructive feedback on others' acknowledgments. 

Guiding questions you can use to frame your feedback:

  • What perspectives or ideas have been woven in?
  • What engages a personal sense of connection for you?   
  • What did you learn that is different from your own experience?
  • What possibilities does this introduction inspire for you? 
  • What makes you curious to learn more?   
  • What ideas, if any, would you like clarified? 

Remember to use the Micro-Course Peer Feedback Rubric to guide and assess your feedback!

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