Week 1 Discussion Forum

Choose at least one of the following discussion prompts and begin a post around it below. (Hint: click on 'Add a new discussion topic'.):

  • Think about any successful synchronous online sessions that you have been a part of. Tell us how the design of the session impacted you and one or two specific design strategies that were used that you found effective.
  • Read/view the resources on the Design Ideas page in this unit's notes and pick one to discuss. What sparked your interest? What do you have questions about?
  • How do you prepare to teach/facilitate your face-to-face or asychronous online courses? What preparation strategies do you use that could also serve you well in preparing to facilitate synchronously online?
  • What other questions may be coming up for you this week that you'd like to discuss?

Please also take the time to ask questions of and engage in discussion with your course colleagues by replying to their posts.

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