Exploring Networks of Communities: July 6-24, 2009

Exploring Networks of Communities: July 6-24, 2009
Facilitators: Diego Ernesto Leal FonsecaDiego Leal & John SmithJohn Smith

When does it make sense to have a network of communities? How do you go about supporting a network of communities? These are questions many of us are grappling with and we are finding there are many issues and challenges to consider! This 3-week seminar will be combined with weekly live "case study" sessions where we will hear from community leaders in higher education. Together we will explore the aspects and issues that can lead to a need for a network of communities based on these study cases and the practices of the participants. This is an initial exploration around this topic and we will identify new tasks, opportunities, and actions that emerge from the seminar.

Discussions will be in English and Spanish.

Live sessions:
Elluminate Live: http://tinyurl.com/9m668l

  1. CASE 1: Monday, July 6 | recording | slides
    The Learn Together Collaboratory (English)
    Paul Stacey
    and Andrew Marchand
  2. CASE 2: Tuesday, July 7 | recording | slides
    Colombian Ministry of Education (Spanish)
    Diego Leal
  3. CASE 3: Monday, July 13 | recording
    Education Network Australia (English)
    Nick Lothian
  4. CASE 4: Monday, July 20 | recording | slides
    Best Practice Models for E-learning (English)
    Helen Walmsley
  5. CASE 5: (Wednesday, July 22 | recording | slides
    Red Virtual de Tutores / The Virtual Tutoring Network (Spanish)
    Alvaro Galvis and Martha Isabel Tobon

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Community Roles 2 Alice Macpherson
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Emergent issues: Case 2: Colombian Ministry of Education 4 Sylvia Currie
CASE 3: EDNA with focus on ME 5 Barbara Berry
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