Footprints of Emergence: Nov 18-29, 2013

Footprints of Emergence: Nov 18-29, 2013

Facilitators: Roy Williams Roy WilliamsJenny MacknessJenny Mackness and Simone GumtauSimone Gumtau

footprints of emergence

This seminar is an exploration and discussion of how learning does (or does not) take place in complex learning environments, such as open online courses, and how this interacts with learning design.

To do this we will share our past and current research into emergent learning, which has been published in two papers. In particular, we will explain and discuss the framework we have developed for ‘complex’ learning environments – Footprints of Emergence.  

This framework enables learners and learning designers to articulate, map out, and reflect on critical aspects of learning in open, emergent learning events, both individually and collaboratively and results in visualisations of the learning experience – see our open wiki for examples of learner experience footprints.


SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate Room:

  1. Tuesday, 19 November 18:00 GMT - RECORDING

    We will introduce ourselves and discuss what emergent learning is and the progress of our research. This will be followed by asynchronous discussion in the forum, where we can discuss further questions and any issues arising from the webinar.

  2. Tuesday, 26 November 18:00 GMT - RECORDING

    This webinar will focus on drawing footprints of emergence and a discussion of the critical factors, which we use to describe and map out the learning experience. We will encourage all participants to draw their own footprints. In the following asynchronous discussion forum, we hope that you will share your footprints, so that we can critically reflect on the approach, and methodology, in order to improve it and to continue to make it accessible, available and relevant to the broader research and design community.



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Designing for Emergent Learning 27 Roy Williams
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Natural Learning? 17 Scott Johnson
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Learning where it happens 5 Roy Williams
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