Intellectual Property: January 9 -29, 2008

ETUG logoIntellectual Property: January 9 -29, 2008
This seminar is organized in collaboration with the British Columbia Educational Technology Users Group.

Facilitator: Dan McGuireDan McGuire
Description: The questions related to intellectual property are endless, and the answers can be unclear. Who owns online courses? What materials can be used, and how can they be used? What are the risks of 'cut and paste' when designing your course?

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Thank you! And putting it all into practice 2 Alice Macpherson
Educational Use of the Internet 0 Dan McGuire
CAUT Copyright publication 0 Dan McGuire
What is Copyright? 1 Marsha West
For Your Amusement....Copyright 5 Dan McGuire
Trademark 2 Alice Macpherson
More Current Events - or -Sharing may not be what you had in mind 0 Dan McGuire
Patent 3 Dan McGuire
Types of Intellectual Property 1 Sylvia Currie
Property and Ownership 5 Marsha West
Current events 3 Elizabeth Wallace
Introductions 23 Marsha West
Welcome to the Intellectual Property Seminar Discussion 0 Sylvia Currie