OER university: Feb 16-Mar 2, 2011

OER university: Feb 16-Mar 2, 2011Open Planning Meeting poster
Facilitator: Paul StaceyPaul Stacey

The first week of this seminar, leading up to an 8-hour meeting at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand (streamed), is intended to generate discussion and input on the context, problem, concept, partners, and objectives of an OER university. The second week will provide an opportunity for summary, follow-on discussions, and recommendations.

Live Sessions

1. Drop-In Think Tank
When: Friday, February 18, 2011 13:30 PST, 21:30 GMT
Elluminate recording

Chat transcript

This drop-in think tank session invites everyone to contribute an idea or suggestion for the OER university. Facilitated by Paul Stacey, participants are asked to come with a suggestion for how the OER University should work. Each participant will be invited to describe their suggestion through text chat or voice-over-IP (if you have a microphone). All participants will be invited to discuss and elaborate on each idea as it is put forward. A compendium of all suggestions will be created, posted to the OER university SCoPE seminar, and summarized as an input for the OER University meeting in New Zealand.

2. Live video stream from Otago Polytechnic meeting, sponsored by UNESCO
February 22, noon (PT) 20:00 GMT - February 23, 04:00 GMT


Spread the word! http://urls.bccampus.ca/oeru

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