Introduce yourself to other participants in the course. Where are you from? Why are you interested in this course? What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success? What else? (your work, your experiences, etc.)

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Greetings 0 Luc Comeau
Introduction : Matthieu Esteve 0 Matthieu Esteve
Ani Gasti intro 0 Ani Gasti
Greetings from Durham, NC 0 Linda Burns
Camille F 0 Camille Funk
Hello from sunny, snowy Reno, Nevada (USA) 0 Susannah Skyer Gupta
Viplav Baxi 0 Viplav Baxi
Greetings from Helsinki, Finland 0 Mohsen Saadatmand
My Introduction: David Bevington 0 David Bevington
Hello from rural Missouri, USA 0 Bryan Krusniak
Introduction 0 Terry Maugeri
Hi from Turkey 0 Abdullah SAYKILI
Introduction 0 Schawn Thropp
Greetings from Ireland 0 Eugene O'Loughlin
Hello from Lac Le Jeune, British Columbia 0 Sylvia Currie
Tony saying G'day 0 Tony Searl
Shaun Bala 0 Shaun Bala
Introducing: Rob Janzen 0 Rob Janzen
Hello from Jon Dron 0 Jon Dron
Who is Vince Jansen 0 Vincent Jansen
Introduction: Kinshuk 0 Dr Kinshuk
My name is Bond, Paul Bond. 0 Paul Bond
Introducing: Mark Berthelemy 0 Mark Berthelemy
delighted to be here with you. 0 merce galan
Introduction: Bradley Shoebottom 0 Bradley Shoebottom