Introduce yourself to other participants in the course. Where are you from? Why are you interested in this course? What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success? What else? (your work, your experiences, etc.)

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Salam 0 Mohammad Aghaya
Hello from Edmonton, Alberta 2 Dolors Capdet
Denis Stratford from Boston 0 Denis Stratford
Jeff Grann from Minneapolis, MN 0 Jeff Grann
Hi from Italy! 0 annalisa boniello
Hello from frozen Calgary, Alberta, Canada 0 Kelly Edmonds
Ponaksom from Qom, Iran 2 Hamed Agha
Michael from Berlin (and Australia) 2 Michael Nelson
Greeting from Aachen, Germany 2 Anna Dyckhoff
intro Thieme Hennis 0 Thieme Hennis
Hello from Spain 0 Fernando Téllez
Hi from Italy! 0 Sara Genone
Hi from Melbourne, Australia 0 Gerry White
Hi from Elaine, Nottingham 0 Elaine Swift
Hello from Martin Hawksey in Edinburgh 2 Martin Hawksey
Hello from Hobart, Australia 0 Robin Petterd
And more greetings from Belgium 0 Jeroen Van Eeghem
Hello from Portland, OR 0 Aaron Blew
Hi from Marty in Brisbane 0 Marty Fletcher
Hi from Cresencia! 1 Cresencia Fong
Greetings from the UAE 0 Jim Buckingham
Hello from Seattle Washington 0 Brad Mr
"Desde San Juan, Puerto Rico" 0 Carmen Maldonado
Hello from snowy Virginia 0 Andrew Feldstein
Hello from Estonia 0 Vladimir Tomberg
"Saludos" From Puerto Rico 7 Jeanette Delgado
Hello from Su-Tuan 0 Su-Tuan Lulee
Hiya from Chilliwack, BC, Canada 1 Christopher Taylor
Hello from Winnipeg 0 Abdrahamane Traore
introducing myself 5 ines cambiasso
Hello by Paola! 1 Vivian Evans
Greetings from Vivian in Australia - way out bush! 0 Vivian Evans
greetings from Mountainair NM 0 Vanessa Vaile
Hello everyone! 0 Rowan Peter
G'day from Melbourne, Australia 0 Richard Olsen
Hi, everyone 1 Jamie Billingham
Hello from Ohio 0 Mark W
Intro: Hello from DC 0 Sandra Bunch
Hello from Puerto Rico 1 Claudia Guerrero
Greetings from Edmonton, Canada 1 Linda Burns
Greetings from Moira Hunter in Paris, France 2 Linda Burns
Hi from Orlando, FL. 1 Linda Burns
I am Xavier, from Guayaquil, Ecuador 2 Claudia Guerrero
Hi from Tanya in Kamloops 1 Angela van Barneveld
Hello from Salt Spring Island BC, Canada 1 Angela van Barneveld
Nelly Spanjersberg The Netherlands 4 Nelly Spanjersberg
Hello Fellow Participants 0 Chris Luchs
Greetings and Salutations! 0 sherri chandler
Presentation 3 Claudia Guerrero
Greetings from Vancouver, BC 0 Amy Severson
Greetings from near Oxford, UK 6 Lenandlar Singh
Hello from Murray, Victoria, BC 1 Gillian Palmer
Hello Everyone! 0 Kae Novak
Hello from Downingtown, PA 0 Stephen Grim
Larry Phillips 0 Larry Phillips
Hello from Colorado 0 Denise Turk
Carrie Demmans Epp - Introduction 0 Carrie Demmans Epp
RKordel - Introduction from Pennsylvanian 2 Gillian Palmer
Hi from Vive@Edmonton, Canada 0 Vive Kumar
Greetings 0 Vincenzo Zini
Greetings from Phnom Penh 0 stefaan vande walle
Greetings from Oz! 0 Phillip Long
M. McEwen - Introduction 0 Mary McEwen
Hello from Ottawa/West Lafayette 0 Angela van Barneveld
Introduction from Rural Alberta Canada 0 Judi Malone
Hello from Peter Condon 1 Tony Ratcliffe
Hello Everyone 2 Shyamanta Baruah
Christy from Guelph, Canada 0 Christy Pettit
Hello from Peter Robinson in Sydney 0 Peter Robinson
Atul Sabnis, Mumbai, India 4 Atul Sabnis
Hello from Millbrook, Ontario, Canada 0 Maureen Wideman
Hi from Clare at ISTE in Eugene, Oregon 1 Melanie Booth
Hello from Scotland 0 Karon McBride
Introduction: Lenandlar Singh (Len) 2 Lenandlar Singh
Checking In 0 Donna Hendrix
Doug Henry - an old data miner in San Leandro, CA 0 Douglas Henry
Greetings from Seattle, WA 0 Leah Bricker
Kyle Mackie 0 Kyle Mackie
Introduction from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA 0 Brian Austin
Greetings from David Ferris 0 David Ferris
Hello from Irving, Texas 0 Dianne Rees
Hello from Southern California 0 Harry Lord
Greetings from Prague 1 Katarina Pisutova
Katarina Pisutova, Woodstock, NY 0 Katarina Pisutova
Jim Peterson, Zeeland Michigan 0 Jim Peterson
Stephen Downes 0 Stephen Downes
Hi from Italy, Macerata 0 Laura Fedeli
Chris in Sydney, Australia 0 Christopher Taylor
Greetings from Antigonish, NS Canada 0 Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier
Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa 0 Michael Paskevicius
Hi from Sassari (Sardinia - Italy) 0 Valeria Sechi
Nuno from Portugal, Lisbon 0 Nuno Pena
Meet Nate Angell 0 Nate Angell
Introduction: Brett Williams 0 Brett Williams
Hy teachers worldwide . I am Lucian and I am very glade to collaborate with all of you . I wish you happy and succesfull year 2011 . 0 Lucian Duma
G'day from Struck Oil, Australia 0 David Jones
Hi from New Zealand 0 Susan Tull
Hi from Vancouver BC 0 Sandra Mudd
Dave from Bedford UK 0 Dave Appleby
Hello from Coimbra, Portugal 0 Francisco Reis