Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences: February 12-25, 2007

Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences
Michael GriffithMichael Griffith
Description: How are you using blogs to enhance learning experiences? Blogging is becoming a familiar activity in our daily lives, and many educators are integrating blogs into their teaching practices. This seminar is an opportunity to share our blogging experiences and to discuss effective strategies for teaching and learning.

Resources we are building together:

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Free upcoming seminar: Blogs for quality learning in developing contexts 0 Sylvia Currie
New to blogging 73 Barbara Dieu
Blog programs 110 Sylvia Currie
Interested in writing a book about blogging to enhance learning experiences? 4 Robin Yap
The Vital Value of Blogging in Higher Education Teaching. 85 Jeffrey Keefer
Goodbye 7 Michael Griffith
Blogging for Self Learning 3 Silvana Carnicero
What academic area? 3 Michael Griffith
Collecting our resources and visualizing the themes 10 Emma Duke-Williams
Public vs Private 72 Kelly Christopherson
Distinction between forums and blogs 10 Michael Griffith
Light relief 1 Michael Griffith
Blogged out! 9 Michael Griffith
Blogging from a student's perspective 5 Michael Griffith
Both a serious academic tool and a place to build up an online portfolio. 17 Barbara Dieu
Hi from Yorkshire UK 11 Derek Chirnside
Examples and Resources 14 Sylvia Currie