The Educational Value of Podcasting: October 4-22, 2006

The Educational Value of Podcasting
Richard SmithRichard Smith
Description: We're hearing a lot about how to create podcasts, how to subscribe to podcasts, and how convenient it is for students to have access to podcasts. But what are the educational value and implications of introducing podcasts into the curriculum? Let's go beyond the "how-tos" of making a portable lecture and investigate effective pedagogical applications. Please join us!

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Afterthoughts 1 Richard Smith
Possibilities of Podcasts 16 Sylvia Currie
What if you are just getting started? Or don't even know if you SHOULD start... 6 Nancy Riffer
Podcasting and Oral Tradition 10 Heather Ross
What could go wrong? 13 Deirdre Bonnycastle
Introductions 34 Richard Smith
Our SCoPE seminar at iTunesU 8 Sylvia Currie