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Thanks Jamie, 

I recorded leaning forward as the laptop was on a bin in the storage room, so my voice is not very loud. 

Am also considering auctioneer training- geez, some enunciation would be useful, yes? 

I think I'll try it again with a different platform. I was thinking to tape my voice and then set the timing. Does that make sense? Is there a process you find efficient and effective- once the platform is unerstood? 

Thanks for the course! 



Well, I'll be. There is magic in the air. 

Tried one more thing, so let's see if it works when sent out over the internet highway....


Hi all, 

Well, I tried. I worked with Animaker and got a pretty good draft ready, then something happened and the screen froze. Now hours later I have opened it and the shockwave flash crashed message pops up. Sigh....

So, I decided to set up a ppt and figure out how to work in that mode. 

The slides are done, and I voiced over and recorded 8 times before it was ready to share. 

Then I paused the vid and tried to figure out how to play back and save etc. There was nothing. I tried Ctrl S and nothing happened. I exited out and am looking around in case it's hiding somewhere. If it is, it is getting a talking to.....

That's my story. I have the ppt, if anyone can guide me through the record mode. 

I must say, the experience of putting together the script and lining up visuals was very valuable. I have a new appreciation for the cost of any video production! 

Be well, all! 



Hi Rachelle, 

I can see this kind of video being used in general education as well, particularly if you have some photos of the species. What a great lead for teachers who could then take the students on an investigative walk! 


You know, that was a perfect question because on my walk, I discovered I do have a story to start things off- thanks for the nudge!