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I do agree with you. It takes half an hour at least, to focus on the topics and class. Otherwise it is difficult to deliver 100%.
Dilip Barad

Dear Michael Griffith,
Thanks for sharing your educational blogs. They are inspiring. I also use blog ( for teaching literature. Some of your ideas will help me.
Dilip Barad
Bhavnagar Uni
Gujarat - India

Well, yes, blogging is time consuming. We have to manage time and set our priority for blogging and I have felt that as the initial enthusiasm subsides, the blogging is pushed back in the priority list.
So far as students are concerned, I still have to take their feedback. I have made it mandatory to publish 'assignments' on blog. So the students have done it. In next sem, i will take their feedback from students and I will surely ask the question you raised. I think there is some grains of truth in it.

I prefer to have informal tone when blog is for self expression and am formal when its for teaching-learning purpose.
Dr. Dilip Barad
Bhavnagar uni
Gujarat - India