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Hello all,

I’m Moira Hunter in Paris, France and I’m looking forward to the session in a few hours.   I’m also doing  doctoral research and will be conducting online interviews  very shortly, hence my interest in participating here. 

In the past, I’ve used a variety of tools including Oovoo , Skype plus CallRecorder (Mac) and PowerGramo (PC), webconferencing  and also inworld interviews.  Recording inworld has its problems, depending upon what you want to do, and platforms such as vAcademia are interesting for the recording features, although public at the moment.


Hello all,

I've been reading most of the intros here and am very happy to be amongst you all to learn and discuss together.

I'm an educator in the corporate and HE sectors and practitioner of e-learning with a particular interest in CoPs. This open course on learning analytics will help inform my doctoral research in TEL and hopefully an EU funded project I am currently coordinating.

Looking forward to the Elluminate session later today :-)

Hello Janet and everyone,

I'm often a lurker on the great discussions which take place here and this time, I really want to participate actively when and if I can.

I've always been interested in synchronous online communications since doing my Masters a long time ago. This was in fact the last time I did 'official' research. Since then, I have conducted and participated in many online interviews. In the most recent ones, I used Oovoo which has excellent webcam and voice quality.

I am interested in learning about 'cutting edge' technology and methods to collect data from online interviews. The days and weeks of discourse analysis I undertook for my Masters weren't the happiest of memories! One tool I'm always looking for is one which will transcribe the voice interview precisely into text, for example.

After many years of thinking, hesitating and then moving on to other things, I finally decided to do what I always wanted to do - a PhD. So, hello to those here following the programme at Lancaster :-)

My general research area focuses on content integrated language learning in a specific subject matter supported by the medium of 3D immersive virtual world environments.