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[SCoPE] LAK11 -> Week 1: Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics Use cases for learning analytics in the corporate world -> Social Contextualization of Content

by Hans de Zwart -
Whenever you look at any piece of content in your company (e.g. a video on the internal YouTube, an office document from a SharePoint site or news article on the intranet), you will not only see the content itself, but you will also see which other people in the company have seen that content, what tags they gave it, which passages they highlighted or annotated and what rating they gave the piece of content. There are easy ways for you to manage which "social context" you want to see. You can limit it to the people in your direct team, in your personal network or to the experts (either as defined by you or by an algorithm). You love the "aggregated highlights view" where you can see a heat map overlay of the important passages of a document. Another great feature is how you can play back chronologically who looked at each URL (seeing how it spread through the organization).

[SCoPE] LAK11 -> Week 1: Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics Use cases for learning analytics in the corporate world -> Portfolio management through monitoring search terms

by Hans de Zwart -
You are responsible for the project management portfolio learning portfolio. In the past you mostly worried about "closing skill gaps" through making sure there were enough courses on the topic. In recent years you have switched to making sure the community is healthy and you have switched from developing "just in case" learning intervention towards "just in time" learning interventions. One thing that really helps you in doing your work is the weekly trending questions/topics/problems list you get in your mailbox. It is an ever-changing list of things that have been discussed and searched for recently in the project management space. It wasn't until you saw this dashboard that you noticed a sharp increase in demand for information about privacy laws in China. Because of it you were able to create a document with some relevant links that you now show as a recommended result when people search for privacy and China.

[SCoPE] LAK11 -> Week 2: Rise of “Big Data” and Data Scientists My thoughts and reflections on week 2 of Lak11

by Hans de Zwart -
Hello all, I just posted my thoughts and reflections on the second week of Lak11 on my blog.

I (try) to discuss Hadoop, how the technology is commoditised and we should start with asking interesting questions, skills for data scientists, connectivism and learning analytics, worries and concerns around analytics, SNAPP, and the spammability of open online courses.

Cheers, Hans

[SCoPE] LAK11 -> Week 2: Rise of “Big Data” and Data Scientists Are you ready for QR codes? -> Re: Are you ready for QR codes?

by Hans de Zwart -
Apostolos, I think Kelly is asking whether the QR reader software might be storing the information somewhere centrally and using it for some purpose.

This is one of the things I dislike about the iOS platform: it is completely unclear what kind of data these apps store about you somewhere.

Who knows...?