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Paul asks, “When building a network of online communities should we use the same technology platform for each (which often affords benefits from an administration point of view) or allow a diversity of technologies which allows each group to have a custom solution specific to their needs and interests (but often creates integration challenges)?”

Just as real world community learning spaces are varied, unique and designed specifically to accommodate a need or purpose, so I think online communities should be.

It would be convenient from an administration point of view to have them integrated, but is it necessary? Is it practical? Wouldn’t it be like using one building, say the local pub, for all our learning purposes?

I enjoy my forays into Second Life but would not want all my professional learning activities focused there. I want some, but not all to be social. I want some, but not all to be collaborative. I want some, but not all to be constructivist and linear. I want diverse technologies that match my diverse learning purposes.


Recorded Webinar

Join Brian Lamb, Manager, Emerging Technologies and Digital Content with the Office of Learning Technology at University of British Columbia for an informative webinar in which Brian demonstrates
the possibilities for using social media in education.

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In this recorded webinar, Jason Toal, Experienced Designer for the Learning and Instructional Development Centre at Simon Fraser University, looks at how tagging can change the way we organize educational content, both for and with our learners.

To view the recording, please click the link below:

I created the wiki to compile the chapter on Social Media in Education for the collaborative book.

I am fascinated by how quickly the social netscape is evolving. At todays online session we can together create a chapter outline.

Looking forward to this project and combining everyone's expertise.

A wealth of information on Social Media and Social Networking is amassing. I would like to invite everyone to combine this knowledge and experience into a chapter for the BCcampus Collaborative Book.

The book is a collaborative effort with nearly 100 contributors from predominantly post secondary locations all over the world. To date the book has 30 chapters and is still growing. It is being published by the Commonwealth of Learning. Publication date is set for July 13th to coincide with the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning.

The book is a resource that offers practical, contemporary guidance to support e-Learning decision making, instructional choices, program and course planning and development. The working title is "Empowering Education for a Digital World: Advice, Guidelines and Effective Practice From Around the Globe".

A book outline and list of contributors is available in Wikispaces:
Detailed information is available in the Book Project Forum of the BCcampus Expo Marketplace Online Community:

Please join an informal information webinar Thursday November 22nd at 12:00pm. During the session we will introduce the wiki created to compile chapter content.

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