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yes Dominic, Educational Technology has a real impact on the learning process. But sometimes specially in face to face sessions some people try to use PowerPoint, multimedia not as points but as way of surviving. they try to depend on that.. if is a lecture on management you need technology. but you have to understand the limitations .Some times students wants some feel of human in is a responsibility of a teacher to demarcate the necessity of tools i guess.


Thnks Sylvia for this valuable topic….


write -> submit to instructor -> get a grade (hopefully some feedback) -> move on to next assignment

this will be only expectation of students..But as teachers we need to inspire them in writing.

but I think better to incorporate Kolb’s  reflective practice in writing.



if you asked your students to write a reflective journal and share your thoughts (reflections) and asked to fine tune then it is important. once we are online we can asked then to maintain a diary(king of reflective journal)every week. sometimes to motivate we can give some marks too…


Sorry for late reply. but thnks for value addition...if we know the problems beforehand it is easy for us to use tools...sometimes once the conference started only we know that something is missing...anyway I will try to use it...currently at Open University od Sri lanka we try to introduce some courses online…people who are in rural areas can visit to their regional center to access. we are I in positive frame of mind in this regards.



The context I think is important. Here I Sri Lanka  we have problem of computer literacy…so specially with elders. Some times people feel skeptic for computers. .they think in a different way.. but we have generation X and Y like people. They are early adopters.. in my university I can easily work with them. But there should be some policy…if can focus elder people and educate them then I think we can get the help of them in terms of the development of the nation. Because in your older days with e-learning you might feel like young..


I am using my dial-up at home.(sri Lanka).because if I am going for ADSL line I have to pay more. Here in sri lanka we have to pay for everything. And once we are considering on proportion with our salary then it is huge. So it is difficult to use voices even web cam.. it is dead slow…even you have to pay also…finally it will affect to efficiency and effectiveness of my work(this is one problem we discussed in e-learning in developing countries).so remote communities=developing countries like ours.. i am not coming to a conclusion that all most all are same.. But mostly. Yes…providing equal access? Yes. .but it is a tough task.. Some times can go for instructional radio..But it depends on the content you expect to deliver…