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People have different definitions on E-learning. But I think we have to have definition which should have some adaptation. Some definitions are broad and some are narrow.If some definition with solution to the people or to the nation then it should be a good definition


I think we have to discuss this by looking at the context..

In sri lanka the awareness level on e-learning is very low.So some can argue that many people afraid of this.. but once you aware the subject  you will like it.I think we can explain this by using following curve of Rogers Adoption Innovation ..most of the late majority as well as laggards afraid of e-learning because they are not like innovators and early adopters.but in e-learning innovators(like you!!) can play a important role. You in Marketing,can consider as an opinion leaders!!!(I am a lecturer in marketing and I have been with the subject for last 14 years)..people like you can create the awareness level and interest of the people on this subject.




In Sri Lanka we have some e-learning courses running.. Once we are thinking of the future we are in a introductory stage of product life cycle. I am a lecturer at Open University and two of my courses of international marketing and advertising running…we are using this as a blended with face to face. still awareness level of e-learning is low, Some always thinking e-learning is all about computers.. but we can use instructional radio, television, CDs, s tec..etc…And students like the LMS of Moodle which is free.There are some problems like infrastructure, resources..but I think this is common once it comes to rural areas.. we have to discuss problems.. but we should start with the opportunities. According to my experience next 10 years is very important on  researching on this Vs distance mode in Sri Lanka to measure the attractiveness of e-learning..


It is great to have this kind of conference. If can focus on e-learning in developing countries also (progress ,issues, developments ,benchmarks etc)then I think it will add value to the conference...This is only a small suggestion.



According to the   Academic Press Dictionary of Science & Technology science defined as "1. the systematic observation of natural events and conditions in order to discover facts about them and to formulate laws and principles based on these facts. 2. the organized body of knowledge that is derived from such observations and that can be verified or tested by further investigation. 3. any specific branch of this general body of knowledge, such as biology, physics, geology, or astronomy"

it seems to be like investigation ,discovering and known to unknown (research) always play a important part of science.